In These Tough Economic Times...

It’s very clear that we are facing some tough economic times. Sadly, most experts agree that things will get even worse before they finally begin to turn around for the better.

In times like these, budgeting becomes more crucial than ever. It is no longer just an important financial tool. Without exaggeration, it will become, for many, a matter of survival.

My goal with is to give you tools, advice, and (if you’re interested!) detailed instructions to help you control your finances, stretch your money, and break the debt cycle – all important skills as we face the tough economic times ahead.

Even as you investigate all of these budgeting areas, the universal advice for all of us right now is to stop spending. Pull in. Simplify. This economic crisis will touch us all before it’s over, but the effects will be less if you take precautions now, rather than waiting until you have no choice.

There’s no way around it – those who do the work of mapping out a budget and establishing disciplined habits for handling their money will come through this more smoothly and with less stress than those who take their finances for granted.

I hope you’ll be one of the wise ones. And I hope will be helpful in your life as you navigate this economic storm.

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