Differentiate Your Business:
Dare To Be Rare

Differentiate your business by looking at it with a fresh perspective. Don’t just do what everyone else in your business or situation usually does. So often a “better way” is hiding right in front of you.

In his program Your Secret Wealth, Jay Abraham shares ways he has helped every-day men and women discover the income potential buried in their businesses and in themselves. Here is a lesson from Jay on thinking outside the box when it comes to breaking away from the crowd to differentiate your business.

Secret Wealth Principle #9
Don’t do what everybody else
in your business or situation usually does.
There is often a better, more profitable way.
Look at what you do or offer with a fresh eye.

Doubled his income working half the time

Tim Young, a struggling tree trimmer, doubled his income while learning to work half the hours. All it took was one simple awareness from Jay, who pointed out that virtually every tree Tim trimmed regrew even fuller in a matter of 6-12 months and that the homeowner would most certainly need someone to come back and retrim the tree – so why shouldn’t it be Tim?

By getting Tim to do a combination of offering ongoing, automatic tree service calls every 6, 9 and 12 months, Tim locked in half of his clients forever. He was able to just set an accepted pre-appointment for 9-12 months from the time he last trimmed their trees. No one in the entire industry operated this way.

Tim was able to stop advertising, stop soliciting, stop making bids, and he knew at the beginning of every year that he had a full schedule of profitable – and loyal, repeat-business for the next 12 months and on into infinity. Also his referral business skyrocketed. All because Jay taught him to look at his business with a fresh perspective and not simply do what everyone else was doing. (Learning to think like a maverick is covered in Lesson 8 of Your Secret Wealth.)

This is an excerpt from Jay Abraham’s program Your Secret Wealth. Jay has extensive knowledge and powerful ideas about how to uncover secret wealth in your life that, in his words, “will help you get raises, promotions, security, income streams, and more.” If this example gives you ideas for ways to differentiate your business, or makes you want more information, you can purchase Your Secret Wealth and other Jay Abraham books and tapes on Amazon.com. Or go right to the source at www.abraham.com.

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