Brainstorming Techniques
for Extra Income

Now we've come to the fun part -- let's explore brainstorming techniques! Brainstorming is basically asking your brain to do a search, much like a computer.

You’ve looked through the lists of suggestions of how to bring in a little extra money and you want to try coming up with an income source that is uniquely YOU. No problem.

Just grab a notebook and something to write with and settle into a quiet place without distractions. It's critical to effective brainstorming that you avoid interruptions for awhile. In this case I'd recommend at least 20 minutes.

When you begin the thinking process, write down everything that comes into your mind. Don’t self-censor. Don’t throw out an idea because you think it would never work, or it’s dumb, or you’re not sure how you’d get started doing it, or for any other reason. This is the most important part of brainstorming – write EVERYTHING down.

Close your eyes and let your brain relax. Begin thinking about the lists you just read. Does anything there spark an idea in you?

Start thinking about things you like. Think about things you like to do. Think about things you’re good at.

Think about things you’ve seen other people doing to make money. Don’t worry about whether or not it’s something you want to do or wouldn’t be caught dead doing. Just write down everything that comes into your mind.

You’ll be surprised at how one thought leads to another, and then another. When you’re done – when the thoughts stop coming – you should have some interesting possibilities to choose from. Now read through your list and group your ideas into categories like…

  • ideas that excite you
  • ideas that could begin paying off quickly
  • ideas that would take an effort to get started but have better payoff potential
  • ideas that just aren’t feasible for you

You get the idea…

Work with these categories to identify the best place to begin your job search.

These brainstorming techniques are also very effective when done with a friend or a partner. Two brains bouncing ideas off of each other can be very powerful. Most of all, relax and have fun with it. The best ideas come when you drop your guard and open yourself to a free-flow of creativity.

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